Wednesday, June 30, 2010

George's Pizza | Provincetown | Film Festival Special Edition

George's Pizza
Provincetown, MA
Guest Judge: Aunt Dot
Overall Consensus:
Very Greasy
Very Flavorful Sauce, maybe a bit too spicy for 2am

Dot really likes the crust a lot and knows way too many people in this place for a middle aged woman at 2am. This is why she is not only Elizabeth's godmother but one of her BFFs.

Miro says the pizza has a crspy, flavorful crust and greasy cheese. Plus everyone knows here Dot. What could be better at 2am?!?!

Elizabeth says she doesn't really want spicy sauce at 2am (and, in fact it did wake her up with heartburn) but she did really want Dot time and food!

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