Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

Today, Congress decided pizza was a vegetable. I know, we're shocked too.

As the writers of a pizza blog, and, in Elizabeth's case, someone getting her PhD in early childhood development, we felt compelled to post a little message about this.


Yes, Miro & Elizabeth eat a lot of pizza for the sake of this blog (& their wallets). However, they balance this pizza eating with a lot of exercise (Miro bikes as his main source of commuting & Elizabeth is about to compete in her first half marathon). Plus, their other meals mainly consist of whatever they can whip together from their farmshare - a giant box of real, true vegetables (except beets, we give those away).

So, we're not going to get all political on here, but we (ok, Elizabeth) really couldn't go without mentioning something. In the words of the wise Cookie Monster, pizza (& cookies) "are a sometimes food" not the vegetable portion of a school lunch program (especially since tomatoes are not even technically veggies, but that's a whole other issue...)

In case you don't believe America is really this crazy:

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